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Reborn By Alexa Calvo

Baby Jack - Sculpt by Nikki Johnston, Reborn by Alexa Calvo

Baby Jack - Sculpt by Nikki Johnston, Reborn by Alexa Calvo

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   Details about the baby

Baby´s name: Jack

Date of Birth: November 14, 2023

Time of Birth: 4:27 pm 

Weight: 5lb, 7oz

Length: 19,5" (straight legs) / 18,5" (bent legs)


Reborned by Alexa Calvo of Precious Wonders.

Reborn Jack, dollkit by Nikki Johnston.

Vinyl doll with cloth body, please never bath the doll.


-very beautiful  full arms and full legs

- cloth body 

- opened nose

- natural 3D permanent newborn colored  skin painted with Genesis 

-sealed with Genesis Varnish

- micro rooted brown eyelashes

- mono and micro rooted with high quality black alpaca hair

- painted brown eyebrows

- realistic manicured and pedicured nails

- weighted with absolutely high quality and non toxic materials




About the photos

With greatest care, much love and pleasure I created this baby into a sweet, detailed baby.   

Please enjoy the following pictures of my newest baby. For giving you the best results in seeing the realistic coloration, all the photos are taken at different times in natural daylight. The baby in all pictures have not been edited!

The colours of the pictures may vary a bit due to the different computer or mobile screens and settings.




Important Information


All my babies come from a smoke free home. Please keep in mind that this doll is not a toy. Its a piece of art and not suitable for little children.

Please handle the doll with care.

Also very important: The doll has a strong magnet in the babies head and  pacifier.

So please keep them away from pacemakers.





It took me many hours to give this baby this very realistic newborn skin tone, using the 3D real skin method.

By using this technique I am able to create a very realistic effect.

I developed my own specific way of coloring and nobody does the same.

The lifelike skin is hand painted in many different layers.  This baby has got also delicate veining and capillaries.

Please notice!!! The skin is very rosy and translucent - a typical look for a baby and different to the skin of kids or adults.

The nails have been tipped in a natural off white and varnished.

 The lips are colored in natural shades and sealed as well with satin varnish.

The colors are permanent, non-toxic and do not fade. For the final sealing of the skin i used Genesis Matte Varnish. 

So it feels a bit rough with a skin structure and it looks matte.

The painting on the hands and feets are more rosy.



Hair, Eyebrows, Lashes


The hair is mono and micro rooted with high quality alpaca hair in a black color.

This process takes a lot of time but the effort is absolutely worth it! 

The result is very realistic and baby like.

To make this doll look like a baby, the eyelashes have been rooted as fine like as the ones from real babies, you might believe they are real.

The hair at the forehead and the temples is partially painted in a brown shade of color.

The eyebrows are so very fine and detailed - you will believe they are real.




Weighting and filling


I have weighted the body with fibrefill, a small bag of steel granulate and very realistic "baby fat" soft pellets. Arms and legs are filled with glass beads and fibrefill.

The head is also weighted with a little bag of steel granulate and fibrefill, 

so you have to support his little head like you do with a real baby. 

The weight is real balanced, the baby will lay in your arms like a real baby. If you hold this little wonder you will never let it go!