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Reborn By Alexa Calvo

Custom Order final payment (50%) plus belly plate

Custom Order final payment (50%) plus belly plate

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final payment for custom order inclusive shipping.


Luisa will be sent with following accessoires:

Birth certificate
COA certificate
Clothes from pictures
Photo album
Soft toy


Rooted with alpaca hair

Painted with Genesis in Alexa Calvo style
High quality Lauscha glass eyes from Germany

The body is filled with fiberfill, steel granulat and very realistic "baby fat" softgranulat.
The arms and legs are filled with glass beads and fiberfill.
The head is also weighted so you have to hold the head like a real babies head

Shipping & Returns


The price includes Express Shipping Worldwide.

The preparation time of the package takes up to 7 days.

Please Notice: Tax will be declared in the true amount of the bought article.

The Buyer takes responsibility for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I am not responsible for delays or extra costs due to customs.


If you are unsure wether you want to keep the reborn baby or not, please be kind and don't use it. In case you want to return the reborn baby, let me know as soon as possible.

I will refund the money not before I received and checked the whole package for any kind of damages. It can take up to 10 days after receiving the package.


Weight 5lb, 11oz / 2490gr.
Length bent legs: 19,5“ / 50cm
Length straight legs: 20,5“ / 52cm

Care Instructions

If you take care and with Love and affection, they will last a lifetime!


Brush the hair carefully and don't pull on them too hard.

Please Notice:

• Never let your reborn take a bath

• They have got very strong earth magnets installed, so please keep away from pacemakers!

• Each baby is a original work of art and is therefore not suitable for very small children

• Don't push the vinyl parts or open eyes

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Made with Love, Care & Joy

The reborn process is done very precisely and only under usage of high quality materials. Since every baby is uniquely hand painted it can never exist twice!

Piece by Piece

Rooting Hair

The baby's hair is rooted with high quality alpaca hair or kids mohair and
sometimes yearling mohair.
It is a very long process since the hair is rooted piece by piece to accomplish are very authentic appearance.

Layer by Layer

Paiting using 3d Skin technique

To achieve a very delicate and realistic newbown skintone I am painting with my modified and unique 3D Skin Technique. Layer by layer paint is added to get the rosy, translucent newborn like look. The skin looks matte and feels smooth thanks to Genesis matte varnish. The colors will not fade over time.

The Fine Arts

It's about the small details

The front hairline is painted in many layers and create a transition to the very fine facial hair which is painted all over the face.
The eyebrows are formed by many fine brushstrokes and tiny white dots on the nose symbolize milia which many newborn have in the first few months.

For the Looks

With eyes like diamonds

When it comes about the look of a reborn baby with open eyes, nothing is more convincing than custom made high quality Lauscha glass eyes made in Germany.

The eyelashes are rooted with the Delta Dawn or Slumberland mohair.

For the Feel

hold it once and you'll never let go

Filled with fiberfill, steel granulat softgranulat and glass beads the body weight of each baby is realistically balanced.

The head is also weighted so you have to hold the it like a real baby's head to not let it drop.